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PXG adds two putters to its Battle Ready line. They're affordable—for now

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Jim Frenak-FPI Studios

Last month PXG expanded its Battle Ready line with two new options—the Spitfire and Closer. Now the company is at it again with another two models: the all-new Blackbird and a revamped Gunboat model.

Named for the long-range, strategic reconnaissance aircraft, the Battle Ready Blackbird is a high moment-of-inertia mallet featuring a bi-material construction that integrates an aerospace-grade aluminum body with high-density tungsten. This putter features the deepest center of gravity of any PXG putter, approximately .2 of an inch further back than the similar-sized Blackjack, One & Done, and Gunboat models, providing stability and forgiveness. The alignment features include arrow-like and symmetrical geometries designed to promote better aim.

The Gunboat mallet—already a staple in PXG’s putter line—has been re-engineered and to further boost MOI with an updated bi-material body construction and refined face pattern to create an ideal CG position for added stability. A bold, extra-wide sightline helps golfers with their alignment.

Both putters feature the Battle Ready line’s hallmark face pattern where rows of pyramids vary in density so off-center hits and center hits produce a similar transfer of energy.

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Jim Frenak-FPI Studios

Additionally, the Blackbird and Gunboat can be fit to one of four hosel options—heel-shafted, a plumber’s neck, a double bend and armlock. The commitment to custom-fitting does not end with the hosels, however. Sole weights to match the swingweight with the player’s preference also add a more personal touch. The heads feature sole weights that can be distributed unevenly to change how easily a particular head might want to rotate closed or open on the stroke.

The Blackbird and Gunboat are being offered currently at a special price of $275 for the month of June.

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