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Put this Colorado Avalanche radio broadcaster's game-winning goal call in the Hockey Hall of Fame

Move over Gus Johnson, there's a new king of insane calls by sports broadcasters, and his name is Marc Moser. Wait, who is Marc Moser?

Apologies to "The Mose", but it's fair to say that no one outside of Colorado regularly listens to Avalanche hockey games, and apparently, that's a big mistake on our part. Because if Moser brings the energy to every game like he brought to the Avs' game 5 victory over the Nashville Predators on Friday night, then we've been missing out on some epic calls in sports radio history.

After tying the game at one apiece with under five minutes to play, Colorado came out of the Nashville zone on a 2-on-1 with 90 seconds remaining, eventually scoring the game-winning goal in heart-crushing fashion. Moser seized the moment, and produced a call that should be immediately placed in the Hockey Hall of fame regardless of what the Avs do in game six:

Cow hearts! Pancreases! Guts! GUTS ALL OVER THE PLACE. Print the damn t-shirts now.

We'd never even heard of Marc Moser before Saturday, but we just became his No. 1 fan, plus, he also contributes to a show called "Golf on Altitude", so he's good in our book. What a legend.