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If we all had half the energy this high school basketball announcer has the world would be a much better place

February 06, 2018

Unless you have kids in high school that play basketball, or you played some hoops back in your day, you'll likely never understand the atmosphere of a Saturday morning JV game. Believe it or not, the word "electric" is not one we'd use to describe it. It's quiet, everyone (players included) are still half asleep, and there's rarely any NBA talent to be found.

But that didn't stop one Pennsylvania high school basketball announcer from completely flipping the game on its head and turning the decibel level all the way up to 11 this past weekend. Have a listen as this dude makes Game 7 at Oracle Arena sound like a library compared to his player intros. I recommend a low volume level, or put it on full blast if you're looking for a morning jolt/trying to be fired:

Gus Johnson who? This guy needs to be hired by CBS immediately before March Madness starts. "HOWWWWWIIIEEEEEEE ... MMMMMMMMMMMMILLERRRRR!"

What truly makes this video is the six golf claps from whoever's grandparents are in the crowd. Wake up, people. If we all had half of this guy's energy, the world would be a much better place.