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High school freshman hits three-quarter court buzzer beater, deserves to have his jersey retired already

On Wednesday night we were treated to one of, if not the finish of the season so far on any basketball court, college or pro, when Penn State hit an absolute dagger at the buzzer to beat Ohio State. Quite frankly, that may not hold a candle to what happened in a high school game in Evanston, Illinois.

Down 44-42 with 2.6 seconds to play, things looked bleak for Evanston Township High School, with their opponent at the line shooting one more free throw to extend the lead to three. Make or miss, it would take a heave and a prayer for Evanston to win the game or extend to OT. After a clanked free throw, freshman Blake Peters grabbed the board, launched one from deep and whammmmmy:

Incredible. And to think, if the kid from Maine South just makes his free throw this likely ends differently. Another angle:

Blake Peters just became an instant legend and he's still got three more years to strut around the halls of Evanston Township High School like a boss. Oh, and he made Sportscenter top plays. Just retire the kid's jersey already.