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The 'Puke Six' should have been the greatest play in Purdue football history

September 02, 2022

There are always a handful of moments during a college football season that, right after they happen, you point to and say to yourself "that's going to be one of the lasting images of the year." We came so, so close to getting one of those moments in the Penn State-Purdue game on Thursday night, the unofficial / official opening night of the 2022 CFB season.

It still may go down as one of those moments, but the outcome of the game took away a bit of its luster. Late in the fourth quarter at Ross-Ade Stadium, with the Nittany Lions holding on to a 28-24 lead and driving, quarterback Sean Clifford made an egregious overthrow that was picked off by Purdue defensive back Chris Jefferson. Jefferson proceeded to take it 72 yards to the house, stunning Penn State and sending the Boilermaker crowd into a frenzy. Gus Johnson, take it away:

That's the type of play that it hits you - college football is ALL the way back and it ain't even Saturday yet. Gus. Big 10. Pick Six. Upset City. But wait, there's more!!! PUKE ALERT:

If you go back and watch the run back, Jefferson gutted out every single yard of that return, and he had to be running on pure adrenaline right up until he got back to the sideline. It was at that point he realized something was coming up and it had to get out. Doesn't get more Week 1 than barfing after running 70 yards because you aren't in peak condition just yet. What a moment. 

Unfortunately, the moment was quicky spoiled, much like a warm beer that makes you gag the second it hits your lips. Clifford responded a few drives later with a two-minute drill for the ages, sticking a dagger in Purdue's heart and leading Penn State to a 35-31 victory. What could have been for the "Puke Six." Almost a top two moment in Purdue football history, and it wouldn't have been No. 2. Oh well. Hopefully, this still makes the end-of-season montage.