News & ToursJanuary 20, 2009

Proposal clears NCAA Council, Bd. of Directors

A follow-up to my post last week on Proposal 2008-53:

At the NCAA annual convention last week in Washington D.C., the Legislative Council adopted the proposal, which seeks to change Bylaw by increasing the number of golfers a school has to have playing in a tournament in order for that tournament to trigger an institutional date of competition. Rather than just one student-athlete, the number now jumps to five, or any number that can contribute to a team score on a particular date.

After being reviewed by the Legislative Council, the proposal went for review before the NCAA Board of Directors, which took no action. Thus, the proposal now enters into a 60-day override period, where opponents have until March 18 to seek an override vote (more than 30 requests must be submitted for a vote to occur). More likely, however, is that the proposal will become final that day and will go into effect Aug. 1.

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