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Price's Rules on Driving

January 15, 2009


Dear Editor:>

The article by Nick Price on > 10 Rules for Being a Great Driver had some good thoughts, but there was one thought I question as being totally impractical. No. 4 advises to test drive 10 "identical" drivers. For us regular amateurs being able to test just one driver before purchase can be considered a luxury. The pros are fortunate to be able to sample all the clubs they want through their endorsement deals. But other than having access to a manufacturers' club fitting trailer such as those that follow the tour, I no idea how I can test drive 10 identical drivers as recommended. Do You?


Peter Berg

Southport, NC

Good point by you, Peter. It's not easy. But if your specs are relatively common--let's say you want a driver with a stiff shaft and a launch angle of 9.5 degrees--these days the store may well have ten you can hit in the store. In places that have a range, do it out doors. You might be able to work from several to a couple you can take on the course. Another option is to try a couple of brands with similar specs, three or four drivers from each brand. The point Nick's making is hit more the usual couple before you decide. Those shafts are all a bit different and one is going to feel, sound and fly better than the rest.

(photo: Walter Iooss Jr.)