President Obama finally gets golf club invitation despite controversy

January 24, 2017

Getty Images

It appears the bizarre controversy involving President Barack Obama and Woodmont Country Club has come to an end. Earlier this month, a report surfaced that the members of Woodmont, a predominantly Jewish club, were protesting Obama from joining the club regarding his policies towards Israel. The story took another weird turn, as the local mayor and member of the club quit over its treatment of Obama.

However, an email was sent to Woodmont members on Monday from a club official, letting them know the President would be receiving an official invitation to join.

“Political views have never been part of our membership criteria, and our members have always reflected a range of opinions on issues of the day,” wrote Woodmont president Barry Forman. “In the current, deeply polarized political environment, it is all the more important that Woodmont be a place where people of varying views and beliefs can enjoy fellowship and recreation in a relaxed environment.”

Though no longer living in the White House, the Obama family will continue to reside around the D.C. area, making Woodmont -- ranked in the Golf Digest Best of State rankings -- an ideal golf destination.