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Player of the Year: Tiger?

September 12, 2008

A reader writes to challenge Golf World's Tim Rosaforte on his Player of the Year assessment of V.J. Singh, Padraig Harrington, Kenny Perry and Tiger Woods and the conclusion that Tiger can't win with his half-year performance. Rosie and others have suggested that Tiger's absence and the play of Harrington, Perry and Singh have left the world's No. 1 ought of the running:


Dear Mr. Rosaforte:>

I want to revisit the issue of Tiger Woods as Player of The Year, with the following arguments:>

--In his absence, nobody has dominated golf as he did. After all, in six months he has won four times (including a major)


--Harrington has 2 majors, 2 missed cuts after that and completely missed the FedEx playoffs

--Singh had 3 wins but 3 missed cuts. He may have won the FedEx playoffs, but has no major

--Perry had four wins, no majors and has not had much success lately. Hopefully he does well at the Ryder Cup

--Kim stopped at two wins; again, let's hope he'll do better at the Ryder Cup

What does it matter if Tiger had a shortened season ? He did not quit playing, he had to stop for medical reasons.

Singh should be satisfied to be called "Best Putter In the World", win the money title and be crowned FedEx Cup champion.

And what's with the golf media's gentle treatment of Mickelson ? He's No. 2, has not performed well including the playoffs and there's nary a negative comment about him. I remember when Singh was being criticized for not playing well...

Thanks for your attention. Love watching you and Mr. Hawkins at the Golf Channel.

Good points all. But how can a lad who wins back-to-back majors not be Player of the Year, I ask you.

--Bob Carney