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PK Subban calls himself a p***y, still wins trash talk battle with Avs defenseman with relative ease

November 08, 2018

No sport's athletes chirp quite like NHL players, although, the NBA could be a close second if any of those guys ever got mic'd up (this would never happen because if you've ever read any Kevin Garnett stories, NBA players tend to get very personal). But for hockey players, it's an art form, and apparently it's not limited to just chirping their opponents, they'll even chirp themselves as we learned Thursday night in Colorado.

During the Avs' home game against the Nashville Predators, Preds star defenseman PK Subban could be overheard on the NBC broadcast first trash talking himself, then unleashing his best material on Colorado defenseman Nikita Zadorov, who was looking to fight Subban. Subban wasn't interested, and we have to assume that Zadorov called him a "p***y" because of it, to which Subban agreed, followed by a blunt assessment of Zadorov as a player. Have a watch (Warning: language):

As you can see, this is not what was on the broadcast but rather just the audio. Here was the actual clip from the broadcast, with the audio that was picked up from the mic of Pierre McGuire, who sits in between each bench for NBC games:

Is it possible to lose a trash talk battle by admitting you're scared, then win it immediately after with some harsh honesty? Because that's what PK just did here. A truly remarkable style of trash talk the likes of which we've never seen. Like I said, it's an art form for these guys.