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The Phoenix Suns are sending Suns-in-Four Guy to the Western Conference Finals, proving good things come to those who punch people who sort of had it coming

If you have yet to meet Suns-in-Four Guy, we should probably make the introduction. Earlier this week, a Phoenix Suns fan (yes, they actually exist) went viral after getting in a fist fight with a Denver Nuggets adversary during Game 3 of the Suns’ second-round playoff matchup. After dishing out some strong right hooks, the (anti?) hero stared stragiht into the countless cellphone cameras filming him, put up four fingers, and shouted “Suns in Four!” The rest, as they say, is history.

Soon after, the Suns completed their sweep and suddenly Suns-in-Four Guy was anointed a seer, a soothsayer, a veritable NBA oracle. He joined PMT for a breakdown of his fight. He had Suns star Devin Booker trying to track him down. Overnight he became the most minor of minor celebrities, which of course piqued the interest of the Suns, who don’t exactly have Jack Nicholson clamoring for courtside seats. Fast forward a few days, and Suns-in-Four Guy is now the owner of a freshly autographed Devin Booker jersey and a pair of shiny Western Conference finals tickets.

The moral of this story? Good things come to those who wait punch people who sort of have it coming in the head. Obviously this is a bit of an iffy message to send if you’re the Suns organization, but from the sound of things the Nuggets fan began the confrontation and was the one who approached Suns-in-Four Guy’s seat flashing multiple fake watches and a wad of cash. If all that’s true, by the letter of the law, Suns-in-Four Guy didn't start the fight. That still doesn’t exactly give you the green light to go beating on someone, but it does go some way in explaining how the Suns, in today’s climate of cancellation, are getting away with this.

So love it or hate it, Suns-in-Four Guy is here to stay . . . at least until his court date, that is.