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The Phillies fan who literally swept the Mets out of town is a king

It’s been established that Philadelphia sports fans are the absolute worst, but, in a very twisted way, that also makes them the best. They are as passionate as it gets, and they’ll go to great lengths to prove it, whether it be (don’t say it… don’t say it… don’t say it) throwing snowballs at Santa Claus, dumping beer on a little kid in an opposing team’s jersey or eating horse crap after a Super Bowl victory. You name it, they’ve done it.

For their latest and greatest act, one brilliant Phillies fan literally grabbed a broom and swept the New York Mets out of town on Sunday. Here’s the video that was taken following the Phils three-game series sweep of the Metropolitans:

Peak Philly right here. Are we sure this isn’t the same guy?

Probably not, but hard to tell with the mask. Oh, right, there’s a pandemic right now. You think that stopped this guy from grabbing a broom and hitting the streets? He was probably tailgating all day and listening to the game on the radio outside the stadium. If you thought COVID was going to stop him, you don’t know Philly.