124th U.S. Open

Pinehurst No. 2

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Don Mattingly may have set a world record for F-bombs during this incredible tirade

As much as having no fans in the stands or outside the ropes robs these sporting events of some atmosphere, there is one silver lining: you can hear everything. We’ve seen/heard numerous examples of this in golf, like when Justin Thomas was caught on a VERY hot mic or when Tiger and Rory could be heard chatting about sports and COVID-19 at the PGA Championship.

There’s been some good hot mic moments in the other sports too, but nothing like what you’re about to see from Miami Marlins manager Don Mattingly. On Sunday afternoon, Mattingly was upset over balls and strikes, and he appeared to have a case. It was a low pitch, but it did catch the corner and it was in that stupid K-zone thing that every baseball broadcast has now.

“The ball’s down!” shouts the umpire at Mattingly at the beginning of the video. Mattingly must have said something he didn’t like after that, and he was promptly tossed. That’s when things got really good, as Mattingly came out (masked up, of course) and attempted to set a world record for F-bombs:

Just outstanding stuff. A little hard to understand, but after my fifth watch I think I got it down.

Mattingly: That’s a joke. That’s a f---ing joke.

Mattingly: I didn’t pester you, I didn’t pester you. Ball’s not down, that’s all I’m f---ing saying. You can’t tell me that ball is f---ing down. You called the same pitch before on another guy and it’s not down.

Ump: That ball is down.

Mattingly: Look at it in the box later, and it’s a f---ing strike. I promise you it’s a strike. 100 percent, that’s a strike.

Ump: Don, let it go. I told you three times and you keep going and going.

Mattingly: There’s nobody here!

Ump: So what?

Mattingly: Who gives a f---! Every f---ing game, these guys have f---ed us in every game.

Ump: Oh is that it? So now it’s ‘we’re f---ing you.’

Mattingly: I promise you.

Ump: OK Don, that’s fine.

Mattingly: You can say whatever you want, that’s the facts. That’s the f---ing facts.

Not quite Terry Collins vs. Tom Hallion, but pretty damn close. It’d be right there with it if some people in the stands were going nuts, but then we really wouldn’t been able to hear/understand Mattingly. Glad we were able to because that was an exquisite tirade and that’s the f---ing facts folks.