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Phillies fan throws Mets fan's phone on the field and it's impossible to tell who the bigger loser is

It took Philadelphia Phillies fans all of four games this year to make one of their own players say "I f---ing hate this place." Mid-season f---ing form, some would say.

But, in a shocking turn, the Philly faithful showed a softer side the following night, giving a standing ovation to Alec Bohm in his first at-bat. He probably still hates the place anyway, but it was a nice touch. It ain't that bad in the city of brotherly love, right?

Wrong. For visiting fans who dare to wear their team colors, it's still pretty bad. Look no further than this video from Tuesday night, when the Phils were shut out by the rival New York Mets 2-0, which no doubt caused some frustration in the stands at Citizens Bank Park. In the clip, which went mega-viral Wednesday night, a Mets fan can be seen celebrating the final Edwin Diaz pitch, and he's also filming his reaction because why would you actually watch the game you're at when you can watch it on your phone screen? Anyway, this particular Mets fan clearly wanted to stick it to a Philles fan sitting (and likely yelling obscenities all night) behind him, so he put the camera in his face. Bad idea!

The instant, knee-jerk reaction here is to just say what we're all thinking/already know to be true -- this Phillies fan is a total a-hole. Scum-of-the-earth type human. The ultimate, stereotypical Philly fan that gives them all a bad name. You don't grab someone else's phone and throw it onto the diamond. Not asking too much here. 

HOWEVA, the question has to be asked. Is the Mets fan in the wrong here? Whatever happened to a little thing called personal space? When did it become okay to start shoving a camera in everyone's face, strangers included? We don't want to wade into "he was asking for it" waters, but this dude was 100 percent asking for it. This entire situation is likely avoided if he just celebrates the win without the phone and keeps a low profile. 

God, these guys both suck. Everyone loses in this one.