Thoughts and Prayers

No one took a bigger Mother’s Day L than the Phillies fan who got blown out in an argument with his girlfriend on live TV

All across the Big Leagues on Sunday, there was celebration. Of motherhood specifically, with pink bats and pink socks providing a reminder to the thousands of families in attendance that moms are what make the world go round. During the second game of the Mets and Phillies’ frosty doubleheader on Sunday, however, the matriarchal bliss came to a sudden end when TV cameras came to rest on a young couple having a, um, disagreement in the stands. It was a private moment that we’ve all endured at one point or another, but it quickly went supernova as this young man piled up one L after another on live television. Witness the destruction if you can stomach it.

We don’t know what happened or what was said, but judging by the body language and the guy doing roughly 98% of the explaining, we’d guess that whatever it was, it was his fault. He’s hanging in there, soaking up the punches (his own being reflected back at him, per silent treatment MO) but then he miscalculates. Her eyebrows launch like the Challenger shuttle. She scoffs. It is at precisely this moment you realize you are witnessing the final breaths of a dead man.


Here’s hoping the two kids patch it up and, on some Mother’s Day down the road, are able to look back and laugh about this moment with their mortified children. Two million eyeballs (and counting) fixed on their little spat certainly won’t help the healing process, but love triumphs over all … even a 6-1 loss to the Mets.