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Phil Mickelson's latest "Phireside Chat" features his father, who says a total of zero words

November 27, 2019

While we've enjoyed every installment of Phil Mickelson's "Phireside with Phil" series, let's be honest, some of them can drag on. That's bound to happen when you're dealing with a man as loquacious as Lefty. In the latest Phireside chat, we learn that Mickelson did not get that loquaciousness from his father.

Lefty's dad, Phil Sr., was the guest, and, as Mickelson put it, "is a man of very few words." Mickelson wasn't exaggerating, as his father said literally zero words in the short, but sweet clip. Enjoy:

Surprise, surprise, Mickelson has been causing mischief ever since he was a child. How about his dad burning the candy? Aggressive! Imagine that happened today? Poor Phil Sr. would be canceled before he could even muster up a word to defend himself, not that he'd say anything anyway.

By the way, for those wondering, there is a reason behind the incredibly small chairs they are sitting in:

Peak Phil.