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Thank God this Phil Mickelson tattoo of himself isn't permanent, because it's the worst tattoo ever created

Phil Mickelson is in an extremely unenviable position right now, having to tell lies that, deep down in places he doesn't talk about at parties, not even he believes. And no, we're not talking about Lefty claiming he never did that interview with "Alan Shipnick" last year, the one where he called the Saudis "scary motherf-----s":

We're not even talking about Mickelson's negative comments toward the PGA Tour, which are also making waves as is the case with anything Mickelson says these days. 

No, we're talking about whatever the hell that thing is on his left hand, which many of you probably didn't even notice while he was denying that he did the interview with Shipnuck that we all read with our own two eyes. Apparently it's something called a "Henna" tattoo, and it was supposed to be of Mickelson's own logo, which is a silhouette of him leaping after draining the winning putt at the 2004 Masters:

A closer look reveals that not only does the tattoo look nothing like the logo, but it might be the worst tattoo ever created:


King Kong? The Iron Giant? A Rock-em Sock-em boxer celebrating a knockout? Impossible to tell. 

At some point Wednesday evening, Mickelson convinced himself this was a good idea. Thankfully, that's where the lying to himself stopped, because even he admitted on Thursday that it didn't exactly come out great. Of MUCH more importance, though, is that it's not permanent.

"It was supposed to be this," said Mickelson, pointing to his logo. "Didn't really turn out that way (laughing.) It's not permanent though. So it was just something we had last night at the dinner there. There was some people making little painting on little henna tattoos, so I went for it."

While his demeanor, particularly with the media, has changed, it's good to see he still is the same old Phil. Look up "so I went for it" in the dictionary and his picture will be there.