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Phil Mickelson once tried to escape a traffic jam at a Guns n Roses concert by helicopter, according to Phil Mickelson

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Ross Kinnaird

The Twitter accounts of most professional golfers are trash. They serve not as interactive platforms but tools of advertisement, brand activation and blandness. There are, however, a few beacons of light in this sea of darkness, none as bright as Phil Mickelson and his "Phireside" chats.

But Mickelson has made social waves not for his own video content, but my merely confirming a tale that sounds far too sensational to be true.

One of the trending topics, sandwiched between World War III and Royal Family nothingness, this week was the question, "Tell me a story about yourself the sounds like a lie but is absolutely true." Someone with the handle "Rick Fil-A" (sigh) replied to the thread with a Mickelson anecdote:

Which, frankly, doesn't seem that outrageous for Phil. Where it gets interesting is that Mickelson chimed in, adding it happened at a Guns N Roses concert:

And to insert a side of TV track "awwww" to it, Mickelson said that day was particularly memorable because he met his wife Amy that morning.

The best part? According to our extensive research (re: Wikipedia), the band was in the midst of its "Use Your Illusion" Tour in 1992. Guns n Roses visited Chandler's Compton Terrace in late January, when Phil and Amy were in school at Arizona State and lines up with both Phil's Twitter comment and past stories of when they met.

Meaning, Phil tried to radio in a chopper while, technically, still a student/amateur.

Sure, there are details missing from this series of events, but the best stories always leave you wanting more. So anytime anyone says Twitter is the worst of humanity, just remember it gave us this beautiful, very Phil-esque vignette.