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PGA Tour rookie calls out fellow pros for boring social media accounts. Is he right?


Jeff Gross

March 03, 2017

There's an adage in sports that rookies should be seen, not heard. PGA Tour newcomer Grayson Murray has no use for it.

In his first tour of golf's top circuit, the 23-year-old has made just three cuts in nine appearances. That hasn't stopped Murray from making noise off the course. During last month's Genesis Open, Murray took a not-so-subtle swing at fellow rookie Bryson DeChambeau for dropping out of Riviera:

Though you don't usually see such passive aggressiveness between guys on tour, judging by the amount of retweets and comments the remarks received, a host of players agreed with Murray.

His latest tweet, however, may not garner as much support. On Thursday, Murray called out his fellow pros for...their social-media accounts.

The tweet caught the attention of fellow tour newbie J.J. Spaun, who responded, "Too busy practicing," to which Murray countered:

There are two sides to this coin. Yes, from an appearance standpoint, some would say a rookie who's ranked 154th in the world doesn't have the standing to make the blanket claim about his new PGA Tour colleagues. Moreover, whether or not a player is engaging on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram is subjective.

Conversely, speaking as one who's covered other sports, golfers tend to be more, um, prosaic than their fellow athletes in the social realms (and don't get us started on the endorsement plugs). If anything, as a relative outsider to the tour, Murray's in better position to comment on this landscape than most.

One thing's for sure. This will not be the last time Murray -- an eccentric cat who wore a t-shirt to the formal-attire tour-card ceremony last fall -- brings the heat on social media this season.