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PGA Tour pros are asked 'What are you wearing' for swanky wives event, predictably give entertaining answers

May 12, 2023

There's a scene in Netflix's "Full Swing" that shows Collin Morikawa rejecting a proposed Masters outfit, specifically, because it includes olive pants. It's a reminder that PGA Tour pros—at least, some PGA Tour pros—truly care about their on-course outfits, and it makes sense. Heck, these guys are potentially on TV for hours at a time and Golf Twitter can be almost as brutal with its style critique as Joan Rivers (RIP) used to be on "Fashion Police."

Away from the course, however, that number goes way down. Sure, you'll get a Morikawa (a sharp dresser when he's not playing) or a Brooks Koepka ("It's fashion, bro") every now and again, but you'll also get Tiger Woods and his infamous jeans (Although, much improved in recent years!).

Anyway, that leads us to what happened earlier this week as some tour pros got all dolled up to attend a gala celebrating the 35th anniversary of the PGA Tour Wives Association. And as the guys walked the red carpet (yes, there was an actual red carpet), they were asked the classic fashion question: "What are you wearing?" Predictably, it resulted in some rather entertaining answers:

OK, so add Stewart Cink to the list of pros who really care about how they look off the course. Specifying that his suit wasn't just Italian, but SOUTHERN Italy. Fancy!

Of course, most of the other guys were clueless, including PGA Tour rookie Taylor Montgomery, who didn't even understand what the question meant. We also got a kick out of Ryan Brehm showing off his "Awareness by Kenneth Cole" label and his "accessory," a pair of Oakley goggles. But our favorite had to be Brandon Matthews, who said, "T.J. Maxx."

Hey, at least everyone looked good:

At least, to our (very) untrained eye.