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PGA Tour pro is delighted to find out all the perks his first win earned him in hilarious press conference exchange

February 25, 2019

Jared C. Tilton

Considering how Martin Trainer's rookie campaign on the PGA Tour was going until last week, his win at the Puerto Rico Open was nothing short of a shock. But the surprises didn't end after the 27-year-old was handed the trophy.

To begin his victory press conference, PGA Tour senior communications manager Doug Milne began informing Trainer of all the other spoils he earned for his win. Milne was just trying to get the presser started before getting out of the way, but an interested Trainer insisted he kept going. Apparently, he was unaware of just how many perks his first PGA Tour title came with. Anyway, here's the delightful exchange:

DOUG MILNE: I know it will probably take a while to sink in, but Obviously with the win, all kind of perks. You've got the two-year exemption, you've got invites into events like the Players Championship and Kapalua next year for the Sentry Tournament of Champions--

MARTIN TRAINER: Tell me more.

DOUG MILNE: -- and so forth.

MARTIN TRAINER: No, not "and so forth." Tell me everything else. I don't even know what I'm going to be getting into.

DOUG MILNE: You'll not have much down time, we'll leave it at that. The win carries a lot more than the first-place prize. You've got the 300 FedExCup points. Are you the type that likes to get a plan in place well in advance, or does this really throw a wrench into the plan?

MARTIN TRAINER: Well, I never had the luxury of making a plan, I was just trying to play as many events as I could. So now I guess that will be a little different, I'll be able to pick and choose where I want to go and have a little more flexibility with my schedule. It's just such a great feeling to be able to have that. I'm just trying to let it sink in.

Pretty good for a guy who was still having to Monday qualify for Tour events last year. And for someone who had five missed cuts, a T-73, a T-60, and a T-28 in eight previous starts this season.

So go home and celebrate your breakthrough win, Martin. Then make sure you don't have any plans the week of March 11, because the Players moved up in the schedule this year. And by the sound of it, we're guessing you didn't know that.