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sign of the times

PGA Tour players meeting sign receives sarcastic tweak after Tuesday’s controversial LIV Golf merger

Tuesday’s PGA Tour players meeting was eventful, to say the least. From our own reporting, there was a torrent of pros calling for Jay Monahan’s resignation, “grumpy players” feeling as if they were stabbed in the back and exclamations of “hypocrite” toward the PGA Tour commissioner.

None of this is surprising as the LIV-PGA news dropped out of nowhere and the general vibes from tour pros heading into the meeting ranged from stunned to irate. One person in particular even allegedly graffitied the sign in the Oakdale Country Club locker room to show just what they thought about this entire ordeal.

Yes, someone added “LIV” to the locker room notice. It may only be three letters, but it’s doing a great deal of work. Ryan French of “Monday Q Info” took this photo, and it seems to truly signify the general mood of the tour pros in Ontario for the RBC Canadian Open, before and after the heated meeting.

Where this goes from here is anybody’s guess, but we do know now that there’s someone out there with a pen and a grudge ready to go at all times.