Bold Moves

PGA Tour defector takes credit for PGA Tour prize money increase, gets mocked by Golf Twitter

June 23, 2022

When the field for the first LIV Golf event was finally revealed, you could make a case that Talor Gooch was the most surprising participant. He wasn't past his prime and as interesting as his name is, he's not, well, the biggest name.

But there was the 30-year-old Oklahoma State product with one (recent) career PGA Tour title to his name teeing it up in London. And now two weeks later, he seems to be taking credit for seismic changes to the pro golf landscape—albeit with a funny GIF.

Here's what Gooch tweeted on Wednesday night in response to the PGA Tour's response to this renegade league in the form of fattening it's purses for the upcoming season:

Maybe I'm biased because we watch "Moana" a LOT in my house, but that "Thank You" from The Rock, AKA Maui, is well played. That being said, Tiger Talor Gooch was still mocked by most of Golf Twitter.

Tough scene. If Phil/DJ/Bryson sent this tweet, that would be one thing. But we're talking Talor?! Talor?! And Talor certainly isn't being thanked by the middling PGA Tour pros, who are going to have to scratch and claw even more to keep their tour cards now. You know, guys like him before he won his first title in the fall.

Anyway, Talor's tweet only fueled the growing tension/rivalry between the PGA Tour pros and the PGA Tour defectors. And that tension/rivalry always makes for good content. So thanks for that, Talor.