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PGA Tour announcer misses U.S. Open qualifier because of canceled flight, has funny message to rest of field

June 05, 2023

In an ironic, unfortunate twist for Andres Gonzales, his new day job wound up preventing him from getting to his old one.

The former PGA Tour pro turned PGA Tour LIVE announcer was part of streaming coverage of the Memorial Tournament outside of Columbus, Ohio, Sunday. But that wound up preventing him from getting to Monday's U.S. Open final qualifying. Well, sort of.

Apparently, Gonzales had a nightmarish travel day (Join the club these days, am I right?) that ended with a canceled flight out of Chicago as he tried to get to the west coast from Ohio. That left the 40-year-old who has played in two U.S. Opens (2011 and 2016) with no way of getting to Tacoma Country & Golf Club for his Monday tee time. The worst part? Tacoma Country & Golf Club happens to be his home club. Ouch.

But in true Andres Gonzales fashion, the two-time Korn Ferry Tour winner delivered the news with a funny message for the rest of the field that did make it to their Monday tee times.

Well played, Andres. And yep, there's always next year. Just maybe ask work for the day off prior to be safe.