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PGA Championship 2024: This is it, this is the weirdest fan heckle in the history of golf

Friday at Valhalla has been one of the weirdest days in golf history. Somehow, it got much, much weirder this afternoon at the 10th tee, where Xander Schauffele piped a drive down the middle after re-taking the lead with a birdie at No. 9.

We've heard some very annoying and tired heckles before - "MASHED POTATOES", "GET IN THE HOLE", etc. We've heard some creative ones, too, like that time the guy channeled his inner Daniel Day-Lewis at the Open Championship with "I'VE ABANDONED MY CHILD!!" If you're going to be a bozo, at least try to be a creative bozo. 

What you do NOT want to do is be a bozo who is also really weird, like this dude:

It's new, it's creative, it's weird, it's possibly NSFW. Guy hit for the heckle cycle.  

In fairness, it was a pretty good drive, but we'd probably go a different route if we were the heckling type. Also, Schauffele went on to birdie the hole, so there's that.