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PGA Championship 2024: Tiger Woods has a very relatable excuse for rocking the GOATee this week


Michael Reaves

As is always the case with Tiger Woods, every move he makes at this week's PGA Championship will be watched, discussed and dissected to the nth degree. From what he's wearing to how he's walking to the clubs he's hitting and beyond. It even extends to his facial hair. Yes, his facial hair.

This week, Woods is rocking a goatee, which, oddly enough, he also sported when this tournament was held at Valhalla 10 years ago this August. Not surprisingly, it didn't go unnoticed then, either.

As expected, the GOATee is making plenty of waves on social media, which led to Woods being asked about it by Barstool Sports' Dan Rapaport, who questioned if it was a conscious decision to break it out for a major or if it was done out of pure laziness. Woods' answer was something just about every dude can relate to. 

"It's the second one, I'm definitely lazy," Woods said. "I cut myself this morning trying to trim it up, so it is what it is."

We've all been there. You've got a big important event you should try and look presentable for coming up and you tell yourself you're going to shave. Then you simply don't because it makes a whole mess and you'll probably end up cutting yourself and looking way worse and then you'll be all self-conscious about it and yada, yada, yada. That's when you realize F it, I'm leaving it alone. If it looks fine as is, why bother?

Hopefully, Woods has some better luck with it this time. In 2014, he shot a pair of 74s to miss the cut by four while sporting the goatee. And, as we pointed out in 2014, he's still never won a major with any sort of facial hear. Some analytics for all you stats nerds out there.