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PGA Championship 2024: Scottie Scheffler mugshot shirts already seen at Valhalla hours after arrest

In the time it took Louisville Metro Police to arrest, charge and release Scottie Scheffler on Friday morning, a few ingenious fans were able to finagle their own Scheffler mugshot merch. These aren’t the first mugshot shirts to make it onto the PGA Tour, but they were certainly made in record time.

The following photos were posted before noon, just a handful of hours after the World No. 1’s arrest. That’s quick work.

“🚨🚔👕 Scottie Scheffler mug shot shirts are already floating around Valhalla 🤣 #PGAChamp @SchefflerFans,” NUCLRGOLF tweeted.

It’s not just the mugshot, however, as one enterprising fan has their own “Prison Scottie” tee, using “Prison Mike” from “The Office” as inspiration. Of course, as is tradition, many online shops have started selling their own merch with Scheffler’s face and an orange jumpsuit, but you’re not getting your #FreeScottie shirt for 3-5 business days at the very least.

If Scheffler is able to put this chaos behind him and win a second major in a row, Robert Griffin III tossed out this idea, which might be the thing to finally tilt the earth off its axis.

It can't get any crazier than this ... can it?

UPDATE: The two Schefflerheads above found a way to sneak to the front of the ropes right by No. 9 as the World No. 1 finished his round at Valhalla. It looks like they even got a high-five from the most talked about golfer of the day.


Patrick Smith

There's committment ... and then there's committment. Impressive showing from Scheffler but an equally impressive showing from these two patrons.