For The Kids

PGA Championship 2023: Justin Thomas gave a young fan his wedge after finishing for a hilarious reason

Much was said about the difficulty of the bunkers this week at Oak Hill, that they were deeper, and steeper, than any bunkers these players have faced in recent memory. That has proven to be true. Just ask Corey Conners, whose tournament nearly came crashing down when he hit a 9-iron directly into the face of a bunker on the 16th hole on Saturday.

These pits of misery have served as great hazards at this week's PGA Championship, and scorecards are not the only thing that they are messing with. As any golfer knows, whether the bunker is at Oak Hill or your local muni, sand traps can tend to scuff up your clubs and golf balls. It's frustrating, particularly for those of us who have to pay for our own clubs and balls. Justin Thomas, who has his name on his bag, does not have to do that.

That's why, after his 60-degree wedge took an absolute beating this week, Thomas decided to give it away to a lucky young fan when he walked off the 72nd green:

Souvenir of a lifetime. JT is for the kids. That said, there is something hilarious about walking off at the PGA and being like "here kid, here's a chopped up wedge." Of course, considering the wedge is JT's, this is a memento this young lad will hang on to and tell stories about for decades. Knowing how kids operate, he's going to want to use it as soon as he possibly can, which we highly encourage no matter how many nicks and ticks it has on it.