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PGA Championship 2019: 9 reasons you should still come to Bethpage Black on Sunday—that don't involve watching golf

May 18, 2019

FARMINGDALE, N.Y. — Early on Saturday afternoon, on the other side of Bethpage Black from where Brooks Koepka was continuing to bludgeon the field, a fan caught a glimpse of a leader board. "Brooks Koepka is FOURTEEN under?! The guy has no chill!" Usually, Koepka is criticized for being too chill. But now he was being knocked for having no chill? New York sports fans can be tough to please.

Koepka wound up giving a couple of those strokes back during his third round, but he finished the day with a PGA Championship record seven-shot lead. No chill, indeed. And no mercy. More like Brooks ROMPka, am I right?

Anyway, unless Koepka has the biggest collapse in golf history, he'll be doing biceps curls with the Wanamaker Trophy again on Sunday night. Just because there probably won't be any drama over the final 18 holes doesn't mean you should rip up your final-round tickets. Here are 9 reasons fans should still come to Bethpage Black on Sunday that don't involve watching golf.

1. Get some exercise


Like we've been hearing from players and caddies all week, Bethpage Black is a pretty grueling walk. And it's supposed to be a beautiful day, so get those steps in!

2. Or plant yourself at the range


In beanbags! Man, I wish my wife would let me get one of those things for the house. . .

3. Get a photo with Bethpage's famous sign


Actually, that area is roped off this week, so you'll need to stand a bit farther away. . .


4. Get a photo with the Wanamaker Trophy


Sort of.

5. Get a photo with President Trump


Close enough (Look at the secret service agent too!). This guy has been here all week and he is tremendous. He also accused me of being a Russian spy.

6. Go shopping


I counted 12(!) different Bethpage Black towels. The media gift for the week was to pick out a Ralph Lauren golf shirt and it took me about an hour to make a choice. There is a LOT of merch in there.

7. Follow David Wright around


Wait a minute, that's not him. . .


There he is. I wasn't stalking you, David. I swear. . .

8. Get a golf lesson


This is the Professional Golfers' Association Championship, after all. This place is crawling with club pros who can help you. Take advantage!

9. Get a new car


On second thought, the free golf lesson is probably the smarter play.