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Paula Creamer's Pink Ball

This writer and the Golf World Front Nine took shots at Paula Creamer for her pink ball. We should in fairness include this letter from Ken Kirch pointing out Paula's efforts against breast cancer and the pink ball symbolism in all that.


I was disappointed to read the comment regarding Paul Creamer's playing a pink ball. The writer is, I hope, unfamiliar with the charity that is supported by Paula's use of the ball as well as golfing history. Would he say the same things to Jerry Pate when he won the 1982 Player's using an orange ball or Justin Leonard when he played with a black ball in 2005?>

I would hope that your mailbag contains better letters to publish than that one.


Fair enough, Ken, but neither orange nor pink works for me. A pink logo on the ball, a hat or shirt would do the trick, wouldn't it? On the other hand I'm old and a fogie.

--Bob Carney