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Patrick Mahomes denies kid autograph for very understandable reason, dad gets snippy about it

If you've been able to catch any of the Netflix series "Quarterback," you've seen that Patrick Mahomes is just as good of a dude, and a dad, as he is a QB. A fellow father at the American Century Championship at Lake Tahoe this past weekend seemed to disagree, however.

Mahomes, making his fourth appearance in the celebrity event, was apparently signing too many autographs during one of his rounds, a nice thing to do but detrimental to the pace of play in the chaotic event. No. 15 actually had to be told to to stop signing, as he tells a few fans in this video:

Pretty nicely handled by the two-timer Super Bowl MVP. As much as he'd love to sign everything for everyone, he's got to keep it moving. If they let guys sign during the rounds, they'd need two or three extra days to complete the event. 

That brings us to the snippy dad who didn't seem to understand, as Mahomes politely explained to him and a kid in the crowd. The young boy, standing up against the ropes, nicely asked Mahomes if he could sign his jersey after he hit his shot, and Mahomes gave him the same "can't sign for everyone" spiel. 

"I can't make everybody happy," Mahomes says, to which the dad replies, "No, you can, you can just make one kid happy out of 100."

"I'll make 99 sad," Mahomes sniped back.

We understand the father trying to do right by his (?) kid here, be he didn't need to be so salty about it. It'd be one thing if Mahomes was being a d--k to the kid, which was very much not the case. He politely explained why he couldn't sign, and people should politely understand that in return. Also, if you really want it, waiting until he comes off the course after the round is usually the best way to get it. Crapping on the guy and filming it for internet klout definitely ain't it.