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Patrick Beverley hits Chris Paul with the “too small” while down 26, remains king of the clowns

December 20, 2022

For years, Patrick Beverley has been basketball’s most annoying player—the NBA equivalent of a mosquito, constantly buzz-buzz-buzzing in your ear. Once upon a time, he backed it up with shutdown defense, but as the years have piled up and his place on the bench has slid closer and closer to the end, the non-stop flow of trash from his mouth has started to truly reek.

Monday night was perhaps the best example yet. Beverley’s rapidly skewing skills-to-swagger ratio was on full display as the 34-year-old started as part of arguably the worst starting five in Lakers history against the Phoenix Suns. The game was never close, but that didn’t stop Beverley from yapping his yap, m ost notably hitting Paul with the “too small” gesture after a meaningless layup while down 26. Put on your face paint, honk your rubber nose, and check it out.

Cast this man in ‘Joker 2’ because he is a complete and total clown.

In the end, Beverley put up nine points, three assists, and one rebound in 23 minutes, while allowing Paul to score a personal season-high 28 points. When the final whistle blew, CP3’s plus-minus was +18. Patrick Beverley’s was -17. The Lakers certainly aren’t in a position to be picky, but those are the kind of numbers that usually land you on First Take … as an analyst that is.