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Padraig Harrington helped me gain 7 mph of clubhead speed with this one drill

February 22, 2024

In Part 1 of "Fixing Chrissy" with three-time major winner Padraig Harrington, the goal was to rid myself of the weak slice that was killing my confidence with the driver and learn how to hit a hook again. In Part 2, Paddy had me dial up the speed a little bit more with a very simple drill you've likely seen on social media before.

It's called "the step drill," and yes, it is as easy to execute as it sounds. Harrington, who works with Golf Digest No. 8-ranked Teacher Michael Jacobs, helped me understand some of the key things golfers should know before doing this drill, and what feedback they should look for along the way.

The Step Drill

Again, this one is as simple as it sounds. Simply address the ball like normal and step your lead foot back to your trail foot (left foot for me as a righty), then make your backswing and step through and your downswing.

In other words: Be an athlete. When you throw a ball or swing a baseball bat you wouldn't do it with flat feet and no rotation. The golf swing is no different.

Now, here's the key thing to remember when you first try this drill—the result of the shot does not matter. In fact, it might be better to just do on air a few times first. In the video below, you'll see that we tried with a ball first, and I almost damn near whiffed. Yet afterward, Paddy said it was one of the most athletic swings I made the entire lesson, and watching the video back confirms that.

You can watch me do the step drill, and more, in the full video below: