Mexico Open at Vidanta

Vidanta Vallarta


P3ProSwing's affordable indoor simulator is the latest piece of technology geared at the everyday golfer

ProLaunch with logo large.png

In a category that was perhaps reserved for higher-end technology, we continued to see more products introduced that are built for the consumer and offered at affordable prices. The next one of those is the P3ProSwing ProLaunch, an indoor simulator package that offers ball- and swing-speed data as well as video capturing of your swing. Along with providing information such as carry distance, clubhead speed, angle of attack, etc., the ProLaunch ($3,600) allows you to review swings for game-improvement purposes.

The swing-sensing system comes with the launch monitor, a stance mat and software to play on 152 courses around the world. Like other simulator systems you've played, the ProLaunch allows users to play the course as the system analyzes swings—showing you an image of your swing at impact, how much you sliced or pulled your shot, etc.

For those whose exposure to a launch monitor might've only come during one or two hour-long lessons, or a weekend trip with buddies to a golf simulator, the swing data and performance benefits can be utilized on the consumer level by product such as this ProLaunch from P3ProSwing.