Our second audio story revisits the underrated element of grit in golf

December 06, 2018

A few weeks ago we introduced "Golf Digest Stories," audio versions of some of our all-time favorite stories. The first installment was a poignant essay by John Barton called "My Last Round," in which the author explained his relationship with golf and why he decided to stop playing.

This time it's Bob Carney's enlightening examination of the role "grit" plays in golf, and how successful players at every level are not simply more talented, but better equipped to fight through pockets of adversity. If you haven't given the idea thought in relation to your own game, this story, drawing on teachings from leading psychological and education experts like Paul Tough, Angela Duckworth, Carole Dweck, and Martin Seligman, does a masterful job in helping you understand why you should. And better yet, it's a concept that transcends golf and applies to almost everything else: education, business, you name it.