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August 22, 2008

Maybe it's all that Olympic judging, but Golf World readers took the opportunity this week to grade our PGA Championship coverage. Not sure we medaled.

Here's Rick Barnes of Downey, California:


TV Rewind stated the PGA was the best theater of the year in a major. While I agree it was great theater in no way did it out shine the drama of Tiger's US Open comeback in regulation to force a playoff nor his comeback Monday nor Rocco's fabulous play both days. I know most of your magazine staff dislikes the 18 hole playoff format but I feel it's still the fairest way to determine a major champion and maintains the tradition of the US Open.


Tom Ierubino of Somerset, N.J.:


I enjoyed > Jim Moriarty's excellent article on the PGA Championship . However, his statement in the second paragraph on page 32 that Padraig Harrington is "the only European golfer to win back-to-back major championships" is incorrect.


Harrington is the only European golfer to win win back-to-back major championships since the inception of the Masters in 1934, but prior to that two Scottish born golfers won consecutive majors. Jock Hutchinson won the 1920 PGA, the last major that year, then won the first major of 1921, the British Open (held in June while the U.S. Open was held in July). Tommy Armour won the 1930 PGA, the last major that year, then won the first major of 1931, the British Open (held in June while the U.S. Open was held in July).

Also, re Brett Avery's "Cool Stat of the Week" in the foldout section, Nick Faldo did not win three times in a span of six or few majors. He won three times in a span of seven majors from his victory in the 1989 Masters through his win at the 1990 British Open. He finished T18th in the '89 U.S. Open, T11th in the '89 British, T9th in the '89 PGA, won the '90 Masters and was T3rd in the '90 U.S. Open.

And our friend Bob Gelb, of the Imus Show, on our player Report Card after the fourth major:


I once had a teacher like you! What does it take for Padraig Harrington to be graded an A+ ? Has there been an A + performance this year? Maybe Rocco at the Open? You graded Tiger and A; do you need to play on two legs to get that elusive plus?


So here's an A - to the best golf publication there is!

Thanks, Bob. You'll likely get agreement of the Angry Golfer, John Hawkins, who can't believe Harrington isn't ranked No. 2 in the world.

--Bob Carney