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Oregon State holds up 'Crying Jordan' play card, then fumble on the very next play

For a long time, no meme on the internet was hotter than the 'Crying Jordan.' It worked on every level imaginable, and was the face for all unfortunate situations in sports, pop culture and even politics.

Recently, it seemed as though the 'Crying Jordan' had finally run its course. Time to retire, make way for new, younger and more hip memes. Well, thanks to the Oregon State football team, I'm happy to report that the 'Crying Jordan' is officially BACK.

On Saturday, what some are calling the opening weekend of college football kicked off, complete with historic matchups between BYU and Portland State, Stanford and Rice, and of course, Oregon State and Colorado State. Early in the fourth quarter, down 44-27, CBS Sports Network cameras picked up an Oregon State player on the sideline, holding up a play card with a few different pictures on it. One of them happened to be the 'Crying Jordan,' and what happened next is about exactly what you would expect:

Might want to burn that play card and dispose of the ashes immediately. The 'Crying Jordan' ended up being the final blow to the Beavers, who went on to lose 58-27 to start the season 0-1.