One simple move to more rotation and longer drives

September 13, 2018

Everyone wants to hit the driver farther. The good news is, Brian Manzella, who is on our Golf Digest Best 50 Teachers list, says pretty much everyone can. One of the greatest inhibitors to driving it far is not turning enough. One really easy fix that'll help you get more turn? Just move your trailing foot back a couple inches. Manzella says to set up as you normally would, make sure you're aimed at your target, and then drop that trail foot away from the target line. Now, take a swing. You'll immediately notice you're able to turn your torso back more easily. Still need a bit more mobility? Manzella says to allow your trail leg to straighten during the backswing.

The goal is to get your back facing the target at the top, with the shaft of your club parallel to the ground. Manzella says you need a full turn to increase your clubhead speed, which will result in more distance off the tee.

This tip is a small part of a much larger video series that Manzella hosts: 3-Week Swing Rehab. It's made up of three extended lessons that build on each other.

While the tip above is about driving it far, distance isn't just about bombing it; it's also about distance control. Within the Distance lessons, you'll get tips through the bag, from ripping driver to being able to control your wedge yardages.

If you're going to become a consistent ball-striker, you need to know what goes into it. Again, this lesson covers tee to green, giving you tips and drills that will have you finding the center of the clubface shot after shot.

The ball behaves differently when it's hit at different trajectories. This lesson is again wedge to driver. But if we use the example of around the green, controlling ball flight means being able to hit a low running shot to a back pin or a high shot that lands softly by the hole. Manzella's tips will teach you how to hit different shots and when to use them.

The key to improving your golf game is to have a plan, and this systematic approach provides one.