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British Open 2023: 'YOU WANKER': Fans at Royal Liverpool were none too pleased with the Just Stop Oil protestors

If you thought getting dragged around by Billy Horschel was bad, things got much, much worse for some of the Just Stop Oil protestors who made a scene at the Open Championship at Royal Liverpool on Friday.

That's because what was waiting outside the ropes for the protestors were spectators who, likely aided by the ultimate performance-enhancer, beer, were none too pleased with the action at Hoylake being brought to a halt. One protestor being escorted off the course got a very English earful, as you can hear in this video clip captured by someone on site:

Whether you agree or disagree with whatever it is these people are protesting, or the right to protest in general, or the manner in which these people were protesting, one thing we can ALL agree on is that "WANKAHH!!! WANKAHZZZ!!!" is the greatest insult in the game. If you don't know what it means, well, you're going to have to go Google it for yourself. 

On top of all this -- Horschel dragging one out, getting called a wanker, etc. -- a few protestors even got arrested and taken into police custody on Friday

Better summer Fridays have been had, that much we know.