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Odell Beckham has nothing on this woman's spectacular catch of a wedding bouquet (in a commercial)

March 01, 2017

Remember that famous catch Odell Beckham Jr. made a few years back? You know, that one-handed one by the Giants star against the Cowboys that was unlike anything football fans have ever seen before? Well, now we've seen it again. And it comes from an unlikely source.

A woman at a wedding made an eerily similar catch of a wedding bouquet, and we're thankful to our friends at Barstool Sports for sharing what might be the viral video of the year is from a Buick commercial. We got duped. But we can't stop watching.

What a catch. What an effort. It seems like someone really wants to get married.

Seriously, though, commerical or not, look how similar these catches are! Both athletes leaping backward, fully extended to make the grab while their helpless defenders fall to the turf:


Of course, the biggest difference -- besides the gloves -- is that while Beckham wore a uniform and cleats for his catch, the woman made hers in a dress and heels. Incredible. We'd love to hear Mel Kiper Jr.'s scouting report on her for next year's NFL Draft.

UPDATE: We were duped. This wasn't a viral video, but actually a clip from a Buick commercial. A very, very good Buick commercial: