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Noted celebrity golfer Alfonso Ribeiro suing 'Fortnite' over a dance move

December 18, 2018
The 9th Annual George Lopez Celebrity Golf Classic

Mike Windle

You know Alfonso Ribeiro. If not for his role as Carlton on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, then for his regular appearances at celebrity golf tournaments around the globe, where he can usually be found Carlton Dancing his way into the highlight reel.

But while Ribeiro plays Mr. Nice Guy on TV, he's not so happy with Take-Two Interactive—the maker of Fortnite and NBA 2K—for using the so-called "Carlton Dance" in their smash-hit franchises without the expressed written consent of Carlton. In fact, Ribeiro is so irked by this, that he is currently suing the Delaware-based video game developer in an effort to block their use of the dance.

Of all the problems the U.S. Justice system is currently facing, this has been made top priority.


How Ribeiro has legal grounds for a cease-and-desist of a dance move that he has not copyrighted (though he is currently seeking to, according to reports) is beyond us. Why he would sue instead using this as leverage for some sort of Fortnite/Fresh-Prince crossover is also well beyond our realm of understanding. We do know, however, that legal turmoil or personal upheaval is never good for the ol' handicap. We'd tell you to take our word for it, but something tells us you don't have to.