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Norman, Evert announce their engagement

December 14, 2007

Greg Norman and Chris Evert are engaged, less than a year after divorces from their longtime spouses. The couple told reporters their news Friday in South Africa, where Norman is playing in the South African Open.

Evert and Norman got engaged Sunday while traveling to South Africa. Evert, 52, who won 18 Grand Slam singles titles, wore a large diamond on her ring finger at a news conference Friday to announce a new tennis center at Pearl Valley Golf Estates, which is hosting the South African Open. Asked about wedding plans, she said, "Well, it is an engagement ring. . . . We don't know when and where we'll be married though."

Norman, 52, declined to add anything extra, leading Evert to joke, "Why don't you say something to them? Gee, you're a big chicken!"

Evert and former husband Andy Mill, a World Cup and Olympic skier from Colorado, divorced last December after 18 years of marriage. Evert was previously married to British tennis player John Lloyd.

In September, Norman reached a multimillion-dollar divorce settlement with his wife of 26 years, Laura Andrassy. The 52-year-old Australian won the British Open in 1986 and 1993.

(Photo: Simon Fergusson/Getty Images)