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Nikola Jokic accepted his MVP award at a horse farm in Serbia. Prayers up for Joel Embiid

Has there ever been a less hyped back-to-back NBA MVP Nikola Jokic? Well, the list looks like this ...

  • Bill
  • Wilt
  • Kareem
  • Moses
  • Larry
  • Magic
  • Michael
  • Tim
  • Steve
  • LeBron
  • LeBron (again)
  • Steph
  • Giannis

So the answer is no. There has never been a more under-the-radar back-to-back NBA MVP than the Denver Nuggets’ center. Part of that is his position—a big in a small man’s NBA. Part of that is his team—a perennial also-ran. But mostly it’s because Jokic doesn’t seek the spotlight like many of his peers, as evidenced by his 2022 MVP acceptance ceremony which went down on Wednesday ... at a horse farm … in Serbia.

We’re not saying this is the right or wrong way to do it. Go pop bottles in the club. Stream it live on Twitch. To each their own. But there’s something undeniably endearing about Jokic, clad in an old tank top and a pair of shorts, rolling up to accept the biggest individual accolade in basketball on a horse-drawn buggy deep in the backwaters of Eastern Europe.

Despite the humble beginnings, the celebrations did pick up from there, raging long into the Sombor night.

If that doesn’t warm your cold, dead heart, then we're guessing your name is Joel Embiid.