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Of course Nick Saban is as good of a golf coach as he is a football coach


Tracy Wilcox

Nick Saban is one of the best coaches of all time. Not just football, although that’s at the top of the list, but name a sport and Saban probably knows a way to improve your game. That’s what the greats do, and the Alabama legend coaches golf with the same tenacity and know-how he does on the gridiron. Also, he’s smiling most of the time, which looks both terrifying and intimidating.

Saban had several of his players join in on his charity golf tournament in Birmingham, and this was as good a chance as any to teach them about another game he loves.

Here’s Saban (in a hell of a straw hat) giving lessons and pointers to Kool-Aid McKinstry, one of Bama’s starting cornerbacks and a guy with a great goddamn name.

McKinstry is starting with the basics, as we all need from time to time, as Saban breaks down the perfect grip and form.

Of course, Saban needs to teach proper swing mechanics, and he works on exactly that with defensive back Malachi Moore.

You can see Moore improve in just a matter of seconds and he even goes on to say that he “finally got the hang of it.” Give him a few more lessons and Moore will be vying for a tour card faster than you can say Roll Tide.

With preseason camp just a few months away, Saban and his players seem to be bonding and getting some athletic endeavors on the books in advance. Alabama didn’t make the 2023 National Championship game, but look out for them this year—quite the bold prediction—as the squad is already clicking and they’re not even on the football field yet.