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Baby crashes Nick Saban press conference, Nick Saban handles it in most Nick Saban way imaginable

In a world of logging into Zoom press conferences from your own home, kids can be your No. 1 enemy. Whether it's barging into the room, screaming at you from the kitchen or simply doing annoying kid things, your favorite little rugrats can make life very difficult when it's time to "hop on a call," as they say.

For The Athletic's Aaron Suttles, though, his child was the exact opposite of a Zoom enemy, acting as the perfect buffer between he and Alabama head coach Nick Saban. Suttles, a Crimson Tide beat reporter, joined Saban's weekly press conference and opened with a question about linebacker Henry To'oto'o, and when the camera cut to Suttles it showed him attending to his child. Multitasking of the highest order by pops.

Saban, seeing what was going on, decided to handle it in the most Nick Saban way imaginable, saying he wished Suttles' baby could be on every Zoom press conference because Suttles was on his "best behavior" while holding his own child.

First off, a truly great moment in dad history right here. Suttles doing two jobs at once with relative ease and not asking for any accolades or awards for it. True grit. 

Second, this is just peak Saban right here, isn't it? Little bit of dry humor, little bit of soft side and a whole lot of completely avoiding the question Suttles asked, not that it was a controversial one or a difficult one to answer. But when you have the chance to deflect as head coach, you always deflect. Saban did so brilliantly here but putting the attention on Suttles' adorable child, who, let's be honest, was the actual one on his best behavior.