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Pray for Jets legend Nick Mangold, who lost a 12-team, $55K parlay in excruciating fashion

December 27, 2021

No one should cry for Nick Mangold, who made well over $50 million in his career with the New York Jets. Having said that, a bad beat is still a bad beat, and the seven-time Pro Bowl center was the victim of one of the more painful ones in recent memory.

Mangold, who retired in 2016, likes to dabble in a little bit of betting on the NFL, just like every other red-blooded American. On Sunday, the 37-year-old crafted a 12-team parlay featuring 12 against-the-spread NFL picks, also known as a lottery ticket. 

All told, the odds came out to +221351, and Mangold threw $25 on it. The potential payout? $55,362.75, which includes the $25 he put down. Mangold's picks went 11 for 12, which deserves some sort of medal. Unfortunately, it netted him $0, the New York Giants +11 being the only pick that didn't hit. Excruciating doesn't even begin to describe this L:

On second thought, this wasn't that painful when you consider the fact that Mangold knew well before 3 p.m. ET that this thing was dead in the water. While the Giants kept it close for the first half, they got their doors blown off in the second half, and their putrid offense had no chance of slipping in the back door and covering this +11 spread. We're not the type to be after-the-fact, "how could you bet the Giants?!" guy, but Nick, c'mon. Have you seen that offense recently? 

The true pain of this one comes after you know it already died, when you begin following the rest of the afternoon games to see if it "would have hit." Having to watch the Chicago Bears, Las Vegas Raiders, Kansas City Chiefs and Dallas Cowboys all cover must have been like taking knife after knife to the heart. Again, Mangold is doing just fine financially, but money won is so much sweeter than money earned. Better luck on your next 12-teamer, Nick, which will inevitably go 3-for-12 and make you realize how foolish 12-teamers are.