Editors' BlogMay 10, 2008

Nick Faldo

Just when I was thinking how well Nick Faldo is handling the Players commentary comes this letter from Jack Bird of Laguna Hills, California. Jack has a different point of view:

How to Improve Nick Faldo's Commentating Require him to:

  1. Speak in intelligible sentences.
  1. Demonstrate he has prepared for the broadcast.
  1. Attend the Johnny Miller School of Broadcasting in order to acquire insight and >
  1. Complete a course in the art of developing a sense of humor.

Pay off his contract and admit a mistake was made.

Get rid of Kelly, so he has to deal with the real world.

Give the viewers a warning when he is about to speak, so they have the option of using their mute button.

Encourage him to play the European Senior Tour.

Send him to the Nick Faldo School of Golf so he can learn how to have fun.

Send him to England permanently.

Don't allow him to:

  1. Talk about himself.
  1. Tell the viewers what players are thinking or feeling.
  1. Comment on swing mechanics.>
  1. Make predications.

--Bob Carney

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