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Your favorite NHL team could use this sharpshooter for the playoffs

August 05, 2020

To be honest, I wouldn't have known the NHL Playoffs were going on if not for some vicious inter-office trash talk. On Slack, of course. Welcome to 2020.

From what I gather from the nasty comments that could wind up being reported to our HR department, the New York Rangers aren't doing so hot. And that on the same day a hurricane hit NYC, the city's hockey team was swept out to sea because it couldn't find the net. Too bad the Blueshirts (hockey lingo!) didn't have this guy in a video posted by Golf Canada.

From what looks to be about 50 yards, this young man fires a wrist shot (more hockey lingo!) with a golf ball that lands on the green and rolls into the cup. Check it out:

Let's call it a GOAL-in-one. Get it?!

Sorry, couldn't help it. Just like the Rangers couldn't score goals these past three games. Heyooo!