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The New York Yankees might need to pack up the franchise after getting roasted alive by the Orioles’ local broadcast on Twitter

The New York Yankees. The Pinstripes. The Bronx Bombers. The Evil Empire. Ruth, Mantle, Gehrig, Jeter. 40 AL pennants. 27 World Series titles. No franchise is more synonymous with baseball on this planet than the New York Yankees. They represent the best and the worst of the game. They are widely beloved and viciously loathed. They are alpha and omega, yin and yang. But now, after 119 years of glorious, grating existence, it might finally be time to disband the franchise.

This weekend, the Yankees dropped another series to the hapless Baltimore Orioles, including a gut-punching, 11th-inning walk-off walk by closer Aroldis Chapman on Saturday. The series loss continued a disturbing trend for the Yanks, who have failed to take advantage of one of the most shoddily assembled teams in baseball time and time again over the past several seasons.

That’s a tough look for the Bronx Bombers—who are doing a historically small amount of bombing so far in 2022—but it got even worse after Sunday’s shutout loss when the Orioles local broadcast network MASN fired up the crab boil and threw the Yanks in the pot.

We’d say you hate to see it, but you really don’t. There’s just a certain poetic justice—a certain lunatic charm—to the Orioles bashing the two of most successful (albeit fairweather) fanbases in America in a single tweet. They haven’t earned it and don’t deserve it, and yet here they are, talking all the trash anyway. You don’t have to like it, but by God you have to respect it.

As for the Yankees, that’s two Ls on Sunday. One on the actual diamond and one on the virtual basepaths. Those things may not show up in the box score or Sabermetrics, but it’s a long season and they take their toll. Don't believe us? Just hop the 7 train over to Queens and ask a Mets fan. They'll tell you all about it.