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New Mexico running back is college football's biggest bozo after celebrating touchdown too soon

October 12, 2019

To be compared to DeSean Jackson means one of two things: Either you have blazing speed or you celebrated a touchdown too early. Unfortunately for New Mexico running back Bryson Carroll, while he may have the former, he is now known exclusively for the latter.

During New Mexico's loss to Colorado State on Friday night, Carroll broke free down the sideline for a 56-yard touchdown run. Or so everyone thought. Upon further replay, Carroll dropped the football in celebration before he crossed the goal line like Jackson infamously did for the Eagles during a Monday Night NFL game in 2008. In fact, Carroll wasn't even close. Check it out:

How does this keep happening?!

Luckily for this running Lobo, no one on the Rams recovered the ball. New Mexico retained possession on the 1-yard line and another running back, Kentrail Moran, scored on the next play while an embarrassed Carroll watched from the sideline. At least, we hope he was embarrassed.

Meanwhile, somewhere, DeSean Jackson is probably wishing this didn't keep happening because he'll never escape the comparisons. Sorry, DeSean, but you're still the GOAT of being a goat in this fashion. Plus, I'm still mad about that walk-off punt return TD you scored against my Giants in 2010. Why couldn't you drop the ball before crossing the goal line then?!